Planing Cutterheads

  • Types: Modular Planer Cutterhead, Helical Planer Cutterhead, Planer Cutterhead with Overlapping, Isoprofil planer cutterhead, Groove bed cutterhead with disposable knives,

Finger Joints Cutterhead

  • Application: Suitable for Wood Joining.


  • Types: Adjustable bevel cutterhead with disposable knives, Cutterheads for rebates, Multipurpose cutterhead set with disposable knives


  • Appliaction: Suitable for Grooving on Wood Pieces.


  • Appliaction: For Wood profiling
  • Types: Post forming cutterhead, Multi radius cutterhead, Multiprofile Cutterhead

Cabinet Doors

  • Appliaction: For producing Cabinet Door Frames
  • Types:

Internal & External Doors

  • Appliaction: Suitable for Internal & External Doors

Raised Panel Cutterheads

  • Appliaction: Suitable for production of raised panels for doors and cabinet doors.

Panelling and Flooring

  • Appliaction: Suitable for tongue, groove panels and flooring.
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