Ripping Sawblades

  • Application: For Ripping Natural Wood on Multiripping Machines.

Univesal Sawblades

  • Application: For Cutting Wood Panels, Plastic Materials and Non - Ferrous Metals.
  • Materials: For Cutting Solid Woods, Wooden Panels and Composites, Exotic Abrasive Woods and Panels, Plastic Materials, Bi-laminated Panels, Plexiglass, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.

Sizing Sawblades

  • Appliaction: Suitable for Panel Sizing application.
  • Supporting Machines: Panel Sizing Machines.

Sawblades for Hogging Unit

  • Appliaction: Suitable for Hogging Units.

PCD Sawblades

  • Appliaction: Suitable for Hogging Units.
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